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Coelogyne Pandurata Black Orchid

Coelogyne Pandurata Black Orchid. The “black” refers to its beautiful black painted lip. Moist, lower elevation rainforest culture:

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Coelogyne pandurata (black orchid) is a species of plants in the family orchids. Plants are usually grown in baskets. Above is a photo of the coelogyne pandurata once commonly known as the black orchid.

The Black Orchid (Coelogyne Pandurata Lindley);

The pandanus orchid (vanda tricolor var. 1.the kalimantan black orchid (coelogyne pandurata) is one of the six species in the orchid genus coelogyne. This orchid can be found in many places in kalimantan, though the locations are not always that accessible.

This Week’s Orchid Is Coelogyne Pandurata, Aka Black Orchid (Due To Its Black Lip):

Plant is found growing in trees near rivers in the lowland forest of malaya to borneo at elevations of 0 to 100 meters. But when it finally flowers, i notice that the lip of the flower is not as black as i thought it would. Flower grows from warm to intermediate.

Plants Are Usually Grown In Baskets.

Above is a photo of the coelogyne pandurata once commonly known as the black orchid. Flowers are 7.5 cm wide and has a honey fragrance. 22.hybridization technique of black orchid ( coelogyne pandurata lindley) to enrich the genetic diversity and to rescue the genetic extinction.

These Species Of Orchids Live As Epiphytic Plants, On Large Trees On The Banks Of Rivers In Borneo's Forests.

The cytological character of orchid is very important to study to support the success of breeding. Plants bloom from spring to summer with up to 15 flowers. They are highly fragrant flowers.

The “Black” Refers To Its Beautiful Black Painted Lip.

These orchids are known for its fast growth and you can divide these plants easily once you have matured bulbs. Posted by 5 minutes ago. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up.

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