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Coelogyne Rochussenii Orchid

Coelogyne Rochussenii Orchid. Magnificent cascades of rich golden yellow with white lip. The lip is marked with several yellow ridges and two brown bands.

Coelogyne rochussenii (Orchidaceae) image 60418 at from www.phytoimages.siu.edu

These pseudobulbs vary in size and are mostly of an ovoid shape and can be closely or widely spaced on the rhizome. Long pendulous spikes carry 35 to 50 green to yellow flowers with a white lip that has brown and yellow markings on it. Coelogyne rochussenii is an orchid species identified by de vriese in 1854.

These Pseudobulbs Vary In Size And Are Mostly Of An Ovoid Shape And Can Be Closely Or Widely Spaced On The Rhizome.

Coelogynes don’t have giant, bright flowers of cattleyas, nor they have colorful flowers of vandas and phalaenopsis.coelogyne orchids have mostly white, green and brown flowers with few exceptions, but their flowers are exceptionally showy and beautiful. Order this plant today (if in stock): 22.coelogyne pulverula is a tropical orchid from similar areas to coelogyne rochussenii, i.e.

Encyclopedia Of Cultivated Orchids Hawkes 1965;

This one is a warm growing coelogyne, unlike the cool growing ones which need a drastic drop. Wayne hoeschle, welland, ontario, canada: Magnificent cascades of rich golden yellow with white lip.

The Orchids Of Thailand Seidenfaden & Smitinand 1959 Drawing Fide;

Aos bulletin vol 32 no 5 1963; It has a massive fragrant like a scent of lemon. A spectacular species, specimen size in 10 baskets.

Grows In Low To Medium Light And Can Take Some Drought Periods But Loves All The Water And Fertilizer It Can Get In The Summer.

The orchid produces beautiful pendant, fragrant blooms. Niagara region orchid society show, st. This medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte and occasional lithophyte is found in malaysia, borneo, java and sumatra and east to the philippines in lowlands often on trees overhanging rivers at elevations up to 1500 meters.

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Coelogyne Rochussenii Orchid Conservation Efforts Are Essential To Maintain Its Sustainability.

Resembles a waterfall of brilliant yellow flowers. Shade to partial shade temp: A grower plant that can quickly grow to a specimen show plant given time, this orchid is king when its time comes to shine!

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