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Orchid Casket

Orchid Casket. This showpiece is built with the highest quality materials, and is finished with a unique wraparound reflective panel. If the order is for the same day, the base will be similar, not the same.

Orchid 20 Gauge Steel Casket Sky Caskets from skycaskets.com

Proudly american made casket.18 gauge steel constructionexterior color: The reflections series is handcrafted with great attention to detail and with luxury in mind. Orchid 20 gauge steel casket.

We Paint Each Steel Casket With A Shiny High Gloss Finish That Creates A Brilliant Sheen.

The exterior, meanwhile, is decorated with traditional corners, accessories and full handle bars. We paint each steel casket with a shiny high gloss finish that creates a brilliant sheen. The interior also includes a matching pillow and throw.

Check The Delivery Window And Expected Delivery Date Before Ordering.caskets Will Have To Be Shipped To The Funeral Home’s Address (Search Funeral Homes).The Ftc Funeral Rule Allows You To Use A Casket Or Urn Purchased Elsewhere And The Funeral Home Cannot Charge An Additional Fee.

When you order custom designs, they will be produced as closely as possible to the picture. 0 0 cart shop caskets. 4.9 out of 5 based on 242 reviews.

The Orchid Steel Casket Is An Elegant Choice.

Proudly american made casket.20 gauge steel constructionexterior color: The exterior of the casket and metal hardware showcase sleek seashell hardware. 83.5 l x 28.5 w x

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Please remember that each design is custom made. It all adds up to a lovely option. Fully customizable, our handcrafted coffins are accepted at all funeral homes.

The Hartley Orchid Is A Modest Casket Selection Made Of 20 Gauge Steel And Has A Square End Style.

Adding product to your cart. 610 24 x 12 salisbury pink. Pink velvet with mother with rose paneladjustable bed mattressend lock system with one piece rubber gasketmemorial record cylinderinside dimensions:

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