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Orchid Napkin Rings

Orchid Napkin Rings. Sign up below to keep up with the latest on products and news. Handmade by colombian artisans, these large orchids will wow your guests and look elegant atop really any napkin.

White Orchid Napkin Rings Wedding Reception Home Decor from www.etsy.com

Hand woven by artisans in the north of colombia, the unique design is available in a natural palm colour which will compliment any tablescape. Each napkin ring is handwoven by an artisanal community located in a small colombian region. They are truly unique ad we are proud to work with these colombian artisans who produce them for us.

Bring Some Fun To Your Table!

Handmade in colombia, each piece. Each napkin ring is handwoven by the artisanal community of usiacurí, colombia and takes many hours to complete. Our delicate, luxurious set of cast, polished pewter orchid napkin rings are perfect for any occasion requiring a beautiful table.

From The Delicately Braded Borders To The Tiny Contrast Dyed Stamens.

The handmade napkin ring it is a unique “real touch” artificial orchid that comes in hibiscus shades of pink placed in a wooden ring. Every entertainer knows the easiest way to start or finish a designed and inviting table or occasion is by choosing the perfect napkin rings.size: These decorative orchid flowers have so many intricate details for your eyes to feast on.

Thai Orchid Napkin Rings Make A Wonderful Addition To Any Tabletop.

7.this gorgeous fiber orchid napkin ring set is the perfect way to introduce some tropical color to your table setting. Buy it now more payment options. Due to the handmade nature of the item pieces can vary slightly in siz

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4.5 H X 5.5 W

Handmade in our connecticut studio. It often takes a skilled artisan up to 32 hours to complete just one piece. Choose an option green orange pink white yellow.

• Usa, Central & North America:

Not enough stock for your party? Black orchid napkin ring set. Each napkin ring is handwoven by an artisanal community located in a small colombian region.

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